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Location Photography

"Noreen, Alex and Jane move quickly despite the uneven path. Stay rounds shatter the rocks around them. Up ahead, Noreen finally glimpses a faint, white light."

"The Mystery Woman limps across the field towards an abandoned barn. Entering easily through a long-broken door, she rests on a brace and runs an index finger slowly down her neck and chest. Snow filters down from the open roof..."

Staggering into the back room of the Cabin, he sits on one of two bare mattresses and immediately dresses the wound. The dried blood forms black tributary lines down the length of his thigh. Alex catches Noreen wince at the sight and tries to placate her. "Believe me, I've had worse."

"A platoon of Allied Command soldiers spill across the white plain like black ink on paper."

"As Alex drags his unconscious friend through the large field, he hears something following close behind. In a flash, he pivots back with rifle aimed -- but there's no one there."

Noreen: This place is an old mine? Jane: No. We built the Bunker inside one.

"I've been up there Sadie. You haven't. Trust me, there's nothing left." - Lucas

The New Normal

Things seen along the way...

New Growth

"I think they're taking us to the old airbase..."

On the Hunt...

"Noreen looks back once, takes a breath, and descends…"

"Pursued Through the Forest"

Wallace's Trading Depot

Occupied Town

Occupied Town

"Dr. Trepanier casts his eyes back at the red horizon line and the occupied town nestled below it."

Cut off at the River

The Airstrip

Still Life

Mineshaft Escape I

Car Factory III

Momentary Refuge II

Uplink Station

Sector Barricade

On the Beach

4PM Descent

The Checkpoint

"Noreen leads them down the Hill"

Chapin Pit

Lake Route II

Cabin Retreat

Hardy Survivor

Holed Up for the Night

Southern Shore

Car Factory II

Wallace's Church

Car Factory I


Tower Depot

Momentary Refuge

Lake Route

The Barracks

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